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Curatorial Work

Film programming and more

Coming from the queer and experimental arts community I've been always interested in creating new spaces and territories that we can inhabit.


My Story

As an undergrad theater student in one of the most conservative universities in Chile, I felt compelled to create the Lesboh's collective, which consisted in a safe space for lesbian, queer and trans students enrolled in different undergrad programs in Santiago. Some of our activities included taking over bars and queering them with our presence, as well as programming film screenings of lesbian cinema and having wholesome post-screening discussions. As a floating community without a physical home we used our bodies to create walls that would keep us warm and safe from homophobia/transphobia. 

This was the origin of my many attempts of creating community spaces in the future.

Since arriving to the US 10 years ago I've been part of many collective projects that seek to host queer and experimental artists that often get left out from mainstream narratives. In 2015, I was one of the founding members of the AgX Film Collective in Boston. Between 2014-2016 I co-directed the New England Graduate Media Symposium originated by fellow queer artist and advocate Liss Lafleur and that had Su Friedrich as the opening keynote speaker. In 2021 I created an open call on Lex, a queer community oriented social media app, to meet with QT filmmakers and film enthusiasts under the name of

Brooklyn Queer & Trans Film Society.

As an independent curator I've programmed in collaboration with Balagan Films, MoMA Fortnight, Anthology Film Archives, Colectivo Ceis8, The Root Cellar Gallery, Laboratorio Experimental de Cine en Mexico, Pix Film Gallery in Toronto, AgX Film Collective,  Maysles Documentary Center, Millennium Film Workshops and others.

In 2022 I begun to guest curate for film festivals such as Go Shorts FIlm Festival in Netherlands and Uppsala Kort Film Festival in Sweden.

In 2023 I became the new Lead Programmer for TRANSlations: Seattle Trans Film Festival in their `18th year running.

My Story


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